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„Does the anti-cancer diet exist ? Statistics are inexorable, each year more and more people fall ill with cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and ….that’s what we’re worried about most – cancer. Academic medicine is trying to help us, but classic Western medicine therapies without a solid change in lifestyle usually, unfortunately, end up with relapses of the disease, so-called metastases. However, it turns out that they are proven, available to everyone methods to overcome the disease. What are they ?

The guest of today’s podcast is known to my listeners Dr. Grażyna Pająk, a very experienced diet therapist, author of the DGD diet. This diet has been used successfully for more than 20 years in cases of various civilization diseases including cancers.

In this recording Grazyna talks about assumptions, the history of the formation and effectiveness of the diet. In a moment you will learn how to prepare for such a diet and how to go through it, to be able to feel its amazing effectiveness on your own skin 🙂 “

In this podcast episode you will learn :
  • Why research for the invention of a cancer cure consumes so much money.
  • Anti-cancer diet – it replaces the conventional treatment or support it.
  • At what stage of cancer this diet can be used.
  • Cleansing and regeneration – 2 basic stages of the diet.
  • Products allowed and prohibited at the stage of purification of the body.
  • Why do we put away raw vegetables on the first stage ?
  • How to get rid of pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
  • What meals to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • What should be the caloric content of meals.
  • What natural supplements to use at the cleansing stage.
  • How to prepare for diet treatment.

This is the 9th episode of the DGD Health Academy series for Polonia !

This time Dr Grażyna Pająk is talking with Ewa Staniszewska about detox and how to prepare for Christmas.

Listen necessarily – you will find the answers to those questions in this episode 9th of DGD Health Academy for the Polish community.

Each of us makes about 200 nutritional decisions every day … Drink coffee or tea, eat a sandwich or a light salad, eat a ready dinner in the city, or make something healthy from scratch at home, etc. How to find yourself in all this ? How to make decisions that we make meant that every day we are full of energy and in the long run not we suffer from diseases of civilization ?

In this episode, you will hear the second part of the conversation with Grazyna Pająk PhD on the foods that you should steer clear of a wide berth.

In this podcast episode you will learn :
  • Where and what meat to buy.
  • Which fish are healthy.
  • How to prepare a salad that is not followed by flatulence.
  • What other ready products to avoid and why.


October 10th, 2017


I often hear that nowadays there are no healthy food products anymore, everything is steeped in chemistry and there is no point in paying attention to what we eat … Would it be for sure ? It is true that most of the currently available food is “far from ideal”, but certain product groups harm us in a special way. It is good to know them, to know what the risks of eating and to decide whether we want to expose ourselves or not necessarily …

In the third episode of the series DGD Health Academy with Grazyna Pająk PhD we unscrupulous exposing the biggest polluters – food products, which regularly eating out leads to lifestyle diseases.

Due to the amount of harmful products, our conversation lasted almost one and a half hours, so we decided to divide it into two shorter episodes. In this recording you will hear the first part of the conversation. You are invited !

 In this podcast episode you will learn :
  • Carbs are good or bad ? How to recognize them.
  • Who should avoid yeast products.
  • Where is acrylamide and why it is harmful.
  • Why colored sweetened drinks are unhealthy.
  • To drink carbonated or non-carbonated water.
  • Which alcohol harms the least.
  • What vinegar to avoid.
  • Why vegetables should not be sweetened.
  • In which pots do not cook fruit and vegetables.
  • What color should ketchup have.
  • Why to avoid UHT products.
  • Which dairy products are better tolerated.
  • Why powdered milk is harmful.


October 10th, 2017


Are grains healthy for humans ? On the one hand, they are the basis for a vegetarian or vegan diet. On the other hand, sympathizers of the paleo diet avoid cereals, claiming that they have appeared in our diet relatively recently. In addition, there are objections related to modifications (including genetic) that aim to maximize their industrial production. How is it with these cereals ?

In the second episode of the DGD Health Academy series together with Grazyna Pajak the doctor of biology science, we take grains for workshop. Which grains can harm us and why ? What cereals and pseudo-cereals are an excellent component of our diet ?

And returning to the question posed at the beginning, are the cereals healthy for humans ? As usualy in life, the answer is: it depends.

In this podcast episode you will learn :
  • Are cereals/grains harmful to humans.
  • What whole grains are harmful and why.
  • Which grains contain gluten.
  • What causes gluten and in which situations it should be eliminated.
  • Which grains can be included in our diet.
  • Why we should not eat rice wafers.
  • What have in common maize, soybean, canola and wheat.
  • How to reduce the amount of phytic acid in cereals.
  • How to cook grains so that they are healthy and tasty.
  • How to choose bread and pasta.
  • How to make bread from buckwheat.

October 10th, 2017


Which fats to use in the kitchen and which to definitely get rid of ?Which healthy fat to heat, and which use only cold ? In the flood of ubiquitous, sometimes contradictory information, it is more difficult to answer unambiguously these or similar questions related to healthy eating. In the flood of ubiquitous, sometimes contradictory information, it is more difficult to answer unambiguously these or similar questions related to healthy eating. That is why this episode of the podcast was created, or rather the entire series …

I invited Grażyna Pajak to record a series of podcasts about the basics of healthy eating. Grażyna is a doctor of biology, she has been dealing with naturotherapy for over 25 years. She has completed post-graduate diet studies. For 18 years, she worked in the Polish National Academy of Science in the biology department as a biologist, and environmentalist, for eight years she lectured at the university the endoecology and dietetics.

She is really a great specialist, and what is very important is that what she says has already been tested by a huge crowd of people, who, by changes in their diet simply regain health, coming out of serious diseases including cancer.

In today’s first episode of the podcast series DGD Health Academy we talk about the essence of healthy eating and the leading theme are fats.

In this podcast episode you will learn :
  • What is nutrition and what is its role in human life
  • How much chemical substances the average person consumes with food during the year
  • What is the regeneration of the body through healthy eating
  • What is Dr. Grace’s diet ? (DGD diet)
  • What fats should be excluded from our diet and why
  • How to “wash” and clarify butter
  • How to make a healthy homemade mayonnaise in 3 minutes
  • Properties of nuts, coconut, milk thistle and rice oils
  • Why to avoid oil from grape seeds and rapeseed
  • What kind of lard is beneficial for health
  • Can olive oil be heated

October 10th, 2017


Interview with dr Grażyna Pająk

Biologist, nature therapist, immune-dietician, Diet Coach, member of Slow Food International, psycho-dietician, obesitologist, Health Coach

G.O. : What do we eat now comparing to the food that was eaten by our grandparents ?

G.P. : In Poland and in the world we have changed our food completely over the last 50 years. Tens of years ago the animals were grazed on the pastures, they ate grass and were moving around natural environment. Today they more often are closed in the big industrial farms, they stand on concrete without the access to sunlight and nature – for instance because of that the composition of meat is different now. The same concerns plants – when years ago I started my studies at the Agricultural University we were talking only about the cultivation of plants. Today we can talk also about the artificial cultivation which has a great influence on their composition.

G.O. : How did the composition of food changed in the last decades ?

G.P. : Well, we entered the age of grand food processing with a body structure of our grandparents. By the intensive cultivation, monocultures, artificial fertilizers, herbicides, new technologies, etc. the food composition has changed completely. For example, for centuries the plants growing in nature and animals farmed ecologically with access to sunlight and nature produced in their cells appropriate proportions of omega 3 acids – to omega 6 and the proportion of those acids was 1:3, sometimes 1:4 and it was the healthiest proportion. Currently the researches indicate that in the food produced using the new techniques this proportion is 1:19 or even 1:25. So for one particle of omega-3 acid we have from nineteen to twenty-five  particles of omega-6 acids. This unnatural surplus of omega-6 acids is the cause of inflammations in the body and it blocks the absorption of omega-3 acids. But that is not all, over the years the quantity of the basic food products that we have in our shops increased from 500 to 50 000. The consumption doubled and the new and unknown before, harmful processed refined plant oils appeared. The consumption of the purified carbohydrates and sugar increased by over 250% and the daily consumption of the glucose-fructose syrup increased from 1 g to 75 g. Only less than 100 years ago the seeds, full quality groats, vegetables, wild fruit constituted 60% in a diet, today it is only 20%. As you can see the modern mass production and sales of food is strongly disordered. Additionally, an unaware customer looks more at the name of a product and not the balanced composition, as it used to be before.

G.O. : We are talking about the composition of food that is the result of the methods of producing food. What is the biggest sin of the industrial food production ?

G.P. : The disorders of the nutritional value begin already on the seeds level because many times they are genetically modified and those modifications are beneficial only for the manufacturers. Secondly, the industrial production is based on monoculture so for years they grow the same plant species what disrupts the natural cycle of soil regeneration. Even in the medieval ages people used a primitive triple cropping that let the soil regenerate. The monoculture in growing plants in the natural environment is not effective so the manufacturers support it with artificial fertilizers to increase harvest and they use pesticides and herbicides to protect it. It is not all because the way of storing and processing plant products is also supported by chemical substances in order to get the product with a given flavor and taste, a long expiration date and low price. Unfortunately the same is with the animal farming – it is also based on monoculture, the mass production is supported by antibiotics and growth hormones as well as the newest technologies and many additions and preservatives.

G.O. : So how many chemical substances do we eat every year ?

G.P. : In 1990 The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that an average consumer eats about 2,5 kg of chemical substances (connected to producing and processing food) a year. I was shocked when I imagined over two kilograms of flour where every dust attacks a cell in my body which is much smaller. More than ten years later I came across a research that stated that along with an available food we eat 7,5 – 10 kg of chemical substances every year /Toks. – 20014/. Currently in the EU we add about 170 000 tons of aromas , the most of which is not examined for the influence on our body. As a result we eat around 20 – 30 grams of artificial chemical substances daily.

G.O. : Do those kilograms include sugar ?

G.P. : They don’t. I am talking only about the substances such as the remains of the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, animal antibiotics, preservatives, flavor enhancers, aromas, colorants, etc. Sugar is a different topic. We can assume that in the last 25 years we 4-5 times increased the dose of chemical substances in food for which we pay to eat and then we pay to treat its side effects. Already  Hippocrates  said “you are what you eat” and “we never understand what is disease until we know what is nutrition”. It is because almost all the civilization illnesses can be treated combining medicine with a good, valuable food, what is confirmed by many research institutes around the world.

G.O. : How can we avoid chemical substances in food ?

G.P. : The are few ways, but the most important is to think about food not as of a ready product but as of a nutrition. When we go to the supermarket we are usually influenced by pushy commercials, pretty packaging and deceptive prices. A good product doesn’t have to be expensive. We should look for the natural products, fresh intermediate products with which we can compose healthy meals. Let’s be careful when the food in unnaturally beautiful, too clean, symmetrical, with an exquisite durability or is very cheap or available outside season, because something is not right. Let’s read the labels, buy healthy products and not the names of the products that are usually only scams. For example, cream or yoghurt should consist only of milk and bacterial cultures and all the additions such as preservatives, gels, gums or colorants are unnecessary and sometimes harmful. In order to eat healthily we should avoid the valueless, highly processed products – they are really unhealthy and expensive.

G.O. : Is the organic food a solution? Does it support us and protect from illnesses ?

G.P. : The ecological food is what we were used to for centuries. The natural products created using for example a natural manure, the crop rotation, the low-processing and without any preservatives are the most beneficial for our health. Unfortunately, we are lost in the commercialization and dishonesty of the manufacturers. Most commonly, when the food starts to be manufactured in a mass scale, the composition and quality change. The ecological certificate of a leaf that appears on the packaging of the ecological food should be a permit to check its quality. For example for a long time on the market near my office there was a stall with ecological strawberries. After checking them I recommended them to my patients, especially mothers with children. After a while it turned out that the seller started to get supply from the industrial manufacturers, but the sign of “ecological food” was still at the stall. That is why it is necessary to be careful not to pay for the expensive, organic food.

G.O. : What happens to a body that is bombed every day with dozens of grams of chemical substances ?

G.P. : We must remember that if we want our body to function correctly we must keep the internal balance, no matter the changes that happen in our external environment. So when the environmental pollution exceeds the adaption capacity of our bodies, the disorders inside it lead to decrease of energy, weakening or even many diseases. We must remember that nutrition is supplying the body in all the plant and animal substances which are necessary to keep us alive and which are needed by every cell in our body to live, work and regenerate. What the cell builds in its membrane depends mostly on the individual way of nutrition. When we eat bad things, the body cannot process those substances, works much weaker and after some time it doesn’t tolerate this state and starts to be ill. The civilization illnesses are a great example. For many years I’ve been watching my patients in my office and no matter the problems with guts, respiratory or immune system, depression or other disorders – by a right nutrition they recovered after few months. They do not resign from the conventional medicine, but the healthy diet is a great support. It is no surprise, because when in the “Apollo” program the American astronauts were training before the mission they were isolated and ate only the natural food. After few months their bodies returned to the optimal, natural state. The same therapy should be adopted by each of us and after two or three months it is enough to eat rationally and healthily. It means limiting chemical substances, wheat gluten, trans fat acids, sugar, maximally modified plants, so without the necessity to get tired and using all that nature has to offer.

G.O. : How will the food look like in 10 or 15 years if it changes so fast ?

G.P. : All of this depends on us, the consumers. If we will demand healthy products, without chemical substances, then the manufacturers will give it to us in time. It happened in some regions of the USA, in Denmark, Italy or Switzerland where people came to their senses. However if we will still buy e.g. the sausages for children with only 30% of meat and the rest of mechanically separated meat, modified soya, enhancers and preservatives, then in dozen of years we will eat the same as is eaten in the most of the Western European countries and in the USA. This cannot be changed anymore. We will get all the civilization diseases, among other: diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, allergies or cancer because our body is not able to function normally when is bombed with artificial and unnatural food.

Dr Grażyna Pająk – The author of the scientific and press publications, known for the radio and TV auditions, the founder of the Health Academy DGD. She is the creator of the complex system ONKO HELP that combines the role of nutrition, positive thinking and physical activity in treatment and prevention of cancer.

October 7th, 2017


This is already the 6th episode of the DGD Health Academy for Polonia ! This time Dr Grażyna Pająk is talking with Ewa Staniszewska about organism acidification and myths related to this topic.What PH is appropriate for the body, can baking soda be overdosed, what about lemon and acid foods and how does our metabolic IQ do with that ? Listen absolutely – you will find answears for those questions in episode 6th of our Health Academy for Polonia.

October 7th, 2017


And here it is, as announced, the latest episode of the broadcast series Health Academy for Polonia realized in cooperation with the Wietrzne Radio Chicago and Ewa Staniszewska.

VOL. 4 Red beetroot good for everything – Why ? Dr Grażyna Pająk will tell you that ! Listen absolutely !

October 7th, 2017


In connection to the ecological report “Go green. Polish people and ecology” prepared by the DUKA brand I was invited to comment the questions as one of the experts.

This year as part of the project 1800 consumers were surveyed and many interesting and sometimes surprising results were obtained concerning the attitude towards ecology, nutrition, ways of shopping or opinions on initiatives and ecological actions.

The whole report will have its premiere during the press conference of DUKA in June in Warsaw, however we already publish some questions and DrGrace’s commentary.

GOGREEN: Only 10 Polish people claim that they live ecologically. In the scale from one to six we judge ourselves to be 3,8, however in comparison with other countries we are 3,59. Can we say that we have a lot to learn ?

DRGRACE: Of course ! First of all, we must learn that our health and environment we live in depend on our choices and actions. We began our eco education much later than e.g. the Scandinavian countries or other countries of the Western Europe. Nowadays, thanks to communication we can follow the trends faster than in the past, so everything that is missing is willingness and time.

GO GREEN: When asked, the Polish people indicate the emission of pollutants as a threat to the natural environment. It is also the polluted air that is noticed by them every day. In what way can an individual improve this situation ?

DRGRACE: The pollution of the environment is caused by many factors. One person can influence the quality of air mostly by choosing a right heating and fuel for the heating system. Unfortunately, burning waste and plastic is normal also in the health resorts. If we showed people the films picturing the illnesses caused by the pollution and damaging the planet, then the awareness of the society would rise and it would be easier to protect our environment, but unfortunately such documents are broadcasted after 11 p.m… Also the neutralization of the electromagnetic smog influences the burning of gases and their release into the atmosphere.

To be continued …

The need for improving our health condition and life comfort has never been so evident as nowadays.

Nowadays promoting health, the knowledge of caring for the body, mind and spirit have become not only a fashion but in fact a necessity.

The growing speed of life, stress, no movement, increasing volume of exhaust fumes, the electromagnetic smog and noise need to be balanced by conscious and effective relaxation and rest.

The quantum physics and biology research of the last 20 years clearly proves that in the universe everything vibrates continuously.


In nature there is continuous communication by means of vibrations, and in the body it takes place not only on chemical but also electromagnetic level. Scientists say that human body makes 570 billion vibrations a second; while no part of our body at the elementary molecules level does not function on its own. The body transformations occur so fast that as an effect over 90%of the entire matter is exchanged in a year. That is why health and wellbeing can be maintained by the continuous regeneration process. Everything that hinders this leads to systematic damage of cells, i.e. premature aging and disease intensification. The most recent research confirms that the more toxins we have in the body, the worse is the transportation of nutrients and slower the cell regeneration.

The increasing isolation from natural environment, wrong nutrition, including drinking too little water, are reflected in mood, and sometimes also health condition.


Water constitutes as much as 70-75% of our body and it is the best carrier of information between cells


Health depends on harmonious energy flow in the body, but its flow is determined largely by the quantity and quality of water intake.

With the science development water has been deprived of its secrets, grandmas do no tell stories any more about magic springs, grandmas there is no more grandpa Frost painting patterns on window. We make sure that school manuals have strictly scientific wording, together with development and progress, we have reduced water to the substance level that can be treated instrumentally. We leave school convinced that water is a chemical compound of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, with a simple chemical formula H2O.

In the 20th century water has been thoroughly tested chemically. Specialists started to preserve it artificially and treat chemically and mechanically. As an effect, in highly developed countries we often drink low quality, chemically treated, and energetically dead water. Moreover, commonly stored in plastic, paper, polystyrene or metal containers, unlike our ancestors used to do, who instinctively would place water in wonderful jugs, vases and pitchers, made of precious stones and ceramics, with high silicon content.

With time, piping and closing water in common iron cast, steel or plastic pipes running horizontally for many kilometres, disturbed its natural structure and limited the air access.  The research carried out in the University of Vienna has proven that nowadays, by means of pressure,  98% of all the households are supplied with energetically dead water. Also its oxygen content is lower than in the natural environment.


Nowadays pipeline water is subject to continuous sanitary control and is hygienically clean, which does not necessarily make it healthy.


Water supply companies provide potable water with the toxin content usually not exceeding the legally foreseen limits. But this is not any guaranty of maintaining good health or wellbeing. Carbon ceramic filters or osmotic filters, distillers used for water production make it clean, but also… dead. Scientific experiments have proven that chemically contaminated water upon treatment keeps emitting electromagnetic waves of the frequencies characteristic for the eliminated substances. Then water is free from, e.g. chloride, cadmium, lead, aluminium, etc., but the wrong vibrations are still there and … keep making harm. Mechanical and chemical water treatment is unfortunately not enough – it is necessary to restore its proper electromagnetic information, as foreseen in nature.

Natural water with primary structure is the one that occurs in icebergs, virgin rivers and clean lakes.

In the natural environment it is subject to the Earth magnetic field, solar and lunar beams, it flows through various rock types, dances with the wind, makes waves, foam, whirls, and falls in cascades.

Continuous movement and all the other factors determine its renewal. Then it involves enormous deposits of energy and information transmitted to living organisms.

Scientific publications from the end of the 20th century prove that water deprived of energy or energetically scarce does not show any ordered structures. While energetically valuable water has crystal, so called hexagonal structure.

Upon freezing it forms beautiful crystals (always with hexagonal base) that are vertically concentrated, building characteristic grouping resembling the layout of silicon crystals. As proven by Masaru Emoto, freezing pipeline water, with its present burden, usually does not restore its original structure.

Experiments have proven that wrongly written information can be deleted from water. There is a fast and efficient way of restoring the lost energy of water. This can be achieved by known for 7 years AQUA VITA lire produced in Austria. This device has many advantages: by means of using AQUA VITA life the quantity of oxygen dissolved in water is increased, the reduction processes are intensified,  the pH value improves. Moreover, the use of detergents and chemicals is reduced; calcium and rust deposits are eliminated from pipes. It improves the quality of air-conditioning, eliminates unpleasant smells and prevents any odour development.

AQUA VITA life, by using refined natural laws, transmits proper information to water, thus restoring its original structure. Pipeline water, treated and then vitalized, changes, restoring the properties of spring water. Years of research show that vitalizing water in swimming pools accelerates their treatment by 50-70 % improves the cleaning and the oxygen transport, eliminates oxygen free transformations, facilitates organic matter decomposition and intensifies mineralization processes. It efficiently reduces the chloride aggressiveness, preventing development of bacteria, algae and fungi.

The “vitalized” water increases flow of energy and nutrients in each body, oxygenates the cells, improves the acid-alkali balance, accelerates the toxin elimination.

Energetically appropriate, structurally ordered water involves immerse deposits of energy and information, transmitted to all living organisms.


It plays very beneficial, even though still not conscious, role in the environment function. That is why one can hardly imagine modern sports, wellness, spa or aesthetic medicine centres without such water.

The 21st century spa means not only health through water, but also a complex of perfectly synchronized treatments that entirely change our condition in just a few days, restoring the inner peace and life energy.

To be able to achieve this, even the best programme is not sufficient, if water flowing from the tap is dead, deprived of energy or energetically scarce, and the roofs are covered by cellular antenna towers.




August 6th, 2017

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August 4th, 2017

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Below is the last episode of thebroadcast straight from Chicago, in which we are talking with Ewa Staniszewska about how to deal with the body after the festive overeating, picnics, barbecue and long weekends, which probably gave way to many people.

You must listen that absolutely ! You will find out why it is worth to carry out a sugar detox and how vitamin D and K2 can help you regenerate.


For ten years, four times a year, dr Grażyna Pająk invites to the “Healthy week” combining the body cleansing, regeneration and safe weight loss included in the eight-days holiday with the nutrition course in Szczyrk. The proper author’s diet, relaxation, lectures and workshops let efficiently relax, regenerate the body, lose weight, understand and love the healthy lifestyle. The stays are for all people that want to improve the metabolic processes of their bodies. They are safe for people with kidney and digestive system diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, allergy, asthma, etc.

The number of participants is limited.

Registration: Centrum Pomocy Zdrowia „Herbacell”, 43-230 Goczałkowice – Zdrój, ul. Szkolna 37, phone (32) 21077 98, 603-220 034

We invite you to listen to the latest broadcast straight from #CHICAGO, where, together with Ewa Staniszewska we talk about which vegetables to choose !

We have it! Broadcast from London in # wietrzneradio Chciago! Let’s hope that the next ones will be recorded with #EwaStaniszewska live in Chciago! #DGDHEALTHACADEMY again present in the media this time overseas !



June 22nd, 2016

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W oczekiwaniu na zwiastun uchylamy rąbka tajemnicy w związku z projektem AKADEMIA ZDROWIA DGD

Filmy cieszą się nieustannym zainteresowaniem, a do Nas docierają informację że wiele osób czeka na kolejne odcinki. Zdrowie to temat rzeka zwłaszcza w czasach Internetu gdzie mamy dostęp do nieograniczonej ilości informacji – jednak nie zawsze możemy być pewni że są to rzetelne materiały.

Dlatego w kolejnych odcinkach chcemy poruszyć sporo tematów, które propagujemy od wielu lat jak również uporządkować zamieszanie na rynku związane z tłuszczem, glutenem, cukrem, GMO, kaloriami, wodą.

Opowiemy o typach metabolicznych i pokażemy dlaczego nie ma jednej diety dla każdego. Żeby nie było nudno i monotonnie filmy chcemy podzielić na 3 serie po 5 odcinków każda.

W serii pierwszej zaprosimy do rozmowy naszego gościa honorowego, który przyjął zaproszenie do projektu za co jesteśmy ogromnie wdzięczni, a będzie to znana od lat dziennikarka radiowej Trójki GRAŻYNA DOBROŃ.


TVP3_Katowice_podst (2)

poranek tvp

April 14th, 2016

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March 28th, 2016

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