The aim of the Project: WHY THE DGD HEALTH ACADEMY ?

We created DGD HELTH ACADEMY (DRGRACEDIET) which can help you choose the best way to start changing your lifestyle for the aim of health and well-being.

We want to show you that you are in charge !

You can manage your health and well-being.

In the first three episodes we showed you the information which, according to us, can be very important to you and you will decide if you still want to watch us.

We shot the first season of the films DGD HEALTH ACADEMY in December 2015.

Three pilots are:







The films are currently extremely popular and we heard that people are waiting for the new episodes. Health is an infinite subject, especially in the Internet era where we have access to the unlimited number of information – however we can be not always sure if the information is reliable.

That is why in the next episodes we want to cover many topics, which we have been promoting for many years, and we want to explain the confusion on the market concerning fat, gluten, sugar, GMO, calories, water.

We are going to talk about the metabolic types and show you why there is no one diet for everyone. As we don’t want you to get bored, we want to divide the films into 3 series with 5 episodes each.


In the first series we will invite you to talk with our honored guest who received invitation to the project, for which we are very happy for, and it will be the well-known for years journalist of the WIETRZNE RADIO CHICAGO – EWA STANISZEWSKA.

In the second series dr Grażyna Pająk (DrGrace) will cover the topic of fat, 3G (GO GLUTEN FREE, GO SUGAR FREE, GO TRANS FAT FREE), 5G (3G + GO LACTOSE FREE, GO OGM FREE), water and electro smog.


In the third series we present you how to clarify butter, how to make sourdough for the gluten-free bread, how to bake the bread at home, how to prepare the ginger lemon elixir and how to bake the gluten-free tart.

The information that we want to give you is that every bite is important and health depends on us in 70%.

We want to put the emphasis on arranging the information which mislead people, for example that fat is unhealthy, that the calories should be counted, that the carbohydrates are the healthiest, etc.



In the 90’ I quit the official position in the Water Biology Department PAN where I spent more than ten years working as a scientist. I started a new chapter at the American – Russian school of natural therapy which I finished with an international certificate in the healer degree. As I was eager to learn, I became interested in everything that had impact on the human body. In that way I finished the herbalism, psychotherapy, anatomy, physiology, Chinese medicine, dowsing, bioenergy therapy, magnetic field therapy, Total biology courses and many more.

In 1992 I set up the Health Promotion Centre “HERBACELL”. As one of the first in Poland I began to develop and promote therapy and body regeneration with nourishing on the level of cells. By running a consulting room, by the late 90’ I created an appropriate program of detoxification and nourishing which enhances and strengthen the defensiveness of organism – the so called “deacidificating diet”. In my practice I started to use natural methods of regeneration which allow regaining harmony, vitality and well-being.

I stepped into 21st century with the doctor’s degree of the biological sciences in the biological specialization, postgraduate studies of dietetics, national examination in natural therapy and master of bioenergy therapy. I started to write a lot, I took part in tens of radio and TV programs, I delivered lectures, courses on nutrition, health promotion and natural therapy.

I love people, I am a supporter of a strict cooperation between different scientific and therapeutic groups for the good of people. For more than twenty years I’ve been cooperating with doctors, when diagnosing I choose the appropriate natural therapy and an appropriate way of nutrition – helping everyone going back to a healthy state.

For a long time I’ve been dealing with not only health but also research on the water structure, its nutrition and impact on the environment. In 2003 I set up a company “AQUAcell”. Currently, as a company’s scientific consultant I promote the reliable knowledge based on the scientific research of the threats for the environment. I constantly help introducing a substitute of nature into the civilized world.

Until today I conducted 94 authorial cleansing-slimming trainings combined with the health promotion, proper nutrition and healthy life style courses (Korbelów, Wisła, Szczyrk, Przyłęków, Kocierz, Rabka Zdrój).

For many years I’ve been cooperating with magazines “Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & spa”, “Solarium & Fitness”, monthly magazine “Nieznany Świat”, “Moda na zdrowie” and “Dziennik Zachodni”, “Zwierciadło”. From time to time I take part in radio and TV programs connected to health and nutrition (Polskie Radio Trójka – “Dobranocka” Istrukcja Obsługi Człowieka, “Wietrzne Radio” – Chicago, Polskie Radio Katowice Każdemu damy radę. Szkoła bardzo wieczorowa, TVP1, Health Secrets – TVP2 – Pytanie na śniadanie, TVP Katowice, “Eko-Agent, TTV – Bez recepty”, TVP INFO “Tu kobiety” TVN – DDTVN)

Since 2008 I’ve worked as an assistant professor at Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. Józefa Tyszkiewicza providing lectures on: human endoecology, health promotion, rules of good nutrition.

For almost ten years with a great pleasure and satisfaction I’ve been cooperating and co-authoring the health empire with Angie (privately my daughter Agnieszka Pająk – publicist and popularizer of a healthy life style). Together we implement many projects in Poland and abroad, for example: we promote the campaign 3G – GO GLUTEN FREE, GO SUGAR FREE, GO TRANS FAT FREE, we also built tests such as MIQ and GIQ and created the authorial program and brand DGD (DrGrace Diet). There are many interesting and innovative projects ahead of us which will soon be implemented. Our shared dream is to create the health and sport resort where everyone could regenerate body, mind and spirit, discovering his or her potential once again.


Something about me. I laugh that I have more than 20 years of experience in supplementation and healthy eating; I started my first experiments when I was 6 years old – instead of taking vitamins, I was feeding animals and waiting for the results. But seriously, I was raised in the atmosphere of a healthy life style, together with DrGrace, so nutrition is like breathing for me.

I was testing myself with many things, better or worse, but despite my will, my body was deciding for me is something is beneficial or not. I listen to my body and observe, in return I get maximum of possibilities and each day I feel better and more active.

I began to love sport after school and after my sport teachers who never gave me any motivation. And every medal won in the adult life was motivating and made me realize that it is never too late to care about myself, to do amateur and professional sport.

I began to love cooking in Italy where I spent few years. Because at the university canteen the food wasn’t the best in the world and was even recycled, I needed to do it on my own. Italy is a centre of Slow Food Association, it offered many various high-quality products, available everywhere. With the help of my friends I learned how to cook quite well.

From the Italian ground I moved to the British Islands where kitchen was not really appealing to me but trying to eat healthily in a small town in Northern Wales wasn’t the easiest. Later on, there were many trips, getting to know different cultures, observing the food, places, cuisines, knowing new people and having new experiences which were united at some point.

My job, this what I do every day, is most of all my passion. For eight years I‘ve been cooperating with Dr Grace, we together promote the healthy life style and our two authorial programs:

  • FORMULA 3 campaign, so GO GLUTEN FREE, GO SUGAR FREE, GO TRANS FREE – eliminating groups of 3 ingredients
  • and METABOLIC IQ – PERSONAL METABOLISM – so nutrition according to the metabolic type



The SLOW FOOD Life society was created by the people of passion for the people who seek.

In five words: health in black and white.

The quantity of information, World moving so fast and constant changes on a product and services market make most Consumers, even those with the eyes wide open, confused in tons of possibilities, new trends, media news and search for a reliable data source which can be used in everyday life successfully.

We are an independent information portal and all the information put on site are a result of many years of experience and cooperation of many units – press, international organizations and information portals.

The descriptions include the subjective journey and sport events relations as well as objective descriptions of products, services that are worth trying and places worth seeing.

We try to keep you inform all the time about current trends and interesting events in Poland and abroad which are connected to eating, ecology, health and living in the philosophy of slow.

We dispel the myths about products, ingredients, healthy eating and inform what, despite popularity or fashion, is not worth doing. We search for unusual, small producers who put their heart in everything they do.

We test Ourselves for You, not forgetting that everyone is an individual. We teach how to observe one’s body and discover its maximal potential. By finding your own fuel mixture you can get rid of health problems, keep a shapely figure and enjoy life.


The next aims of campaign:

We would like to record also the travel episodes, e.g. during Terra Madre – the biggest event organized by Slow Food International in Turine.


However, if the sums will exceed the assumed budget we will organize the live HEALTH ACADEMY in cities chosen by you, also abroad.

We plan to publish a book and a journal which will make living according to one’s body easier.

Be our general partner!


Since 1992 I’ve had my own practice as a nutrition trainer, diet coach, psycho dietitian. I cannot help all the people, who want to take care of their prophylactic health or eliminate their problems, personally – it is just physically impossible.

That is why we shot 3 pilots which show the right knowledge about health, nutrition and prevention to check if this form of information display is suitable for people – in this way we got feedback where the people thank us and wait for more episodes.

We decided to collect funds for the new episodes through social financing because in that way we can be sure that you want to watch us, that what we do is important and useful. What is more, through polakpotrafi.pl platform more people, who may not know us yet but are looking for the right way, can find out about us.

For years we’ve been precursors of the unpublished information, publishing those which on the mainstream media are often omitted. We are independent so we can put social welfare in the first place. However, the lack of sponsors is a cause why the professional material preparation is laborious, time-consuming and expensive. Because of that we ask the social networks to help us finance our project which is important to everyone – because who doesn’t want to be healthy?

Our motto – TEAM – together everyone achieves more

Everything we do, we do with passion! Do it now! Join Us! Follow our activities and help Us build the Social Network, not necessarily the best in the World but the best for the World and people.

What will you have out of this ?

The aim of the project is to raise money to shoot 15 episodes of HELATH ACADEMY DGD (DrGraceDiet) which will be available for everyone on youtube as well as on sale on DVD and CD (audiobook) with all the episodes on our websites.

The social network as well as other people will use it through the access to the public materials for anyone who takes care about health or suffers because of the lack of it.

The other benefit is that we support the project that is needed for people at every age.

You will get an access to the reliable educational materials, prepared by professionals who have tens years of experience and knowledge gained on many fields, thanks to which they are able to create synergetic picture of elements that make up health.

Thanks to the films you will know the orderly rules concerning the healthy life style, threats you need to avoid that will make you and your closest ones enjoy vitality every day.


If you want to learn more about Us, about Our work, about HEALTH ACADEMY DGD project, about people supporting it, write to Us, call or check our websites to find out what we do exactly and who we are.

Thank you for your support

DrGrace & Angie