I was born in Cracow where I have spent 25 years living as a townsman. Since childhood, I have dreamed of being as doctors without borders. Still the universe had a completely different scenario for me. At age of five I had asthma problems. After graduating from high school, it turned out that the disinfectants in the hospital were also disturbing me to keep good health so with despair, anger and disgust, I started my studies at the University of Agriculture by choosing the General Faculty.

Contrary to appearances, these were long and heavy studies, introducing me deeply into the world of nature. I finished it after five years with the specialization in microbiology. Fate was kind to me, despite many offers on the market nobody hired me to the State Farming Network.

After six months of searching for my place, I won a competition for an assistant in the Polish Academy of Sciences. I decided to go away with my family from my beloved Cracow and started research work in the Department of Water Biology. Pretty soon it turned out that I am a real-passionate workaholic …

Living in the field, I learned nature, watched and verified it on a regular basis with available scientific research. Although I dealt with the study of water in reservoirs, but at the same time I noticed its ever-wider impact on the environment, so I entered the world of ecology unnoticed. At the age of thirty-two, asthma began to rule my life, I was threatened with an oxygen tent and a disability pension – the pulmonology clinic was powerless. Then, after 27 years of illness, feeling written down at last I started to fight, as a biologist I decided to bring the body to a state of homeostasis (balance). What was my surprise when after two weeks of a heavy war with the body I started to breathe normally.Using natural therapies I felt better, after two months of intensive work I eliminated asthma.I could not believe it, for a year I was carrying medication in my purse just in case … Many years have passed until today the disease has not returned.The spirit of the scientist did not give up, I knew a lot, but I started to challenge myself. More and more questions that I was looking for answers allowed me to learn about the laws of the universe. After over thirty years of studying biology, putting together the knowledge I have learned, I am convinced that we do not need to be ill, and health depends largely on ourselves.

In the 90s, I broke up with my state job. I started a new path from the American-Russian school of natural therapies, which I graduated with an international certificate of the Healer’s degree. Hungry for knowledge I was interested in everything that affected the human body. In this way, I completed courses in herbal medicine, psychotherapy, anatomy, physiology, Chinese medicine, radiesthesia, bioenergotherapy, magnetic field therapy, Total biology and many more.

In 1992, I founded the “HERBACELL” Health Promotion Center. As one of the first in Poland, I began to develop and promote the therapy and regeneration of the body with the help of nutrition at the cellular level. Leading the study, in the late 90’s I made the right nutrition and detoxification program, which improves and strengthens the body’s defenses activities. – so-called “Deacidifying diet”. In my practice, I began to use various natural regeneration methods that allow to regain harmony, vitality and well-being. In the twenty-first century I entered with a PhD in biology sciences, postgraduate studies in dietetics, state exam in natural therapies and a master of bioenergotherapy. I started to write a lot, take part in dozens of radio and television programs, conduct regular lectures, courses in nutrition, health promotion and naturotherapy. I love people, I am a supporter of close cooperation between various scientific and therapeutic communities for the benefit of human .. For over twenty five years, I have been co-working with doctors, diagnosing and choosing the right natural therapy and the right way of nutrition – helping everyone to get better.

I have been dealing not only with health for a long time, but also researching the structure of water, its liveliness and environmental impact. In 2003, I founded the AQUAcell Company. Currently, as a scientific consultant of the company, I propagate reliable knowledge based on scientific research and underline environmental threats to deal with. I persistently help to introduce a substitute of nature into a civilized world.

Until now, I’ve led 104 author’s cleansing and slimming workshops combined with the course of health promotion, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle (Korbielów, Wisła, Szczyrk, Przyłęków, Kocierz, Rabka Zdrój ). For years, I am collaborating with magazines „Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & spa”, „Solarium & Fitness”, monthly magazine ‘Nieznany Świat” , „Moda na zdrowie” and „Dziennikiem Zachodnim”, „Zwierciadło” . Many times I take part in radio and television programs related to health and nutrition topics (Polskie Radio Trójka – „Dobronocka” Instrukcja obsługi człowieka, „Wietrzne Radio” – Chicago, Polskie Radio Katowice Każdemu damy radę, Szkoła bardzo wieczorowa, TVP1, Sekrety Zdrowia, TVP2 – Pytanie na śniadanie, TVP Katowice, „Eko-Agent, TTV – „Bez recepty” , TVP INFO „Tu Kobiety” TVN – DDTVN). In years 2008-16 I have been working as an adjunct professor at the  Tyszkiewicz University of Bielsko-Biała, conducting classes on the topics of human endoecology, health promotion and the principles of proper nutrition.

For over 12 years with great pleasure and satisfaction I have been collaborating and co-creating health empire with Angie (private my daughter Agnieszka Pajak – publicist and promoter of healthy lifestyle). Together we are many projects in the country and abroad. Among others we promote the G3 campaign – GO GLUTEN FREE, GO SUGAR FREE, GO TRANS FAT FREE, we have built tests such as MIQ and GIQ and we have created the program and the brand DGD (DrGraceDiet). There are still many interesting and innovative projects ahead of us that will soon be implemented. Our common dream is to create the health and sport resort, where everyone could regenerate the body, mind and spirit, discovering their potential again.

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