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I was born in Krakow and the urbanite spent in it 25 years. Since childhood I dreamed about medicine in the style of Dr. Judym. Universe was for me a completely different scenario.

From five years old I had problems with asthma. After graduating from high school, when I found out , that disinfectants in the hospital also bother me in good health with despair, anger and defiance began studies at the University Department of Agricultural selecting Ogólnorolny. Contrary to appearances were long and hard studies, introducing me deeply in the world of nature. I finished it after five years with a specialization microbiologist. Fate was kind to me, Despite many offers on the market, no one took me to the PGR - u.

After six months searching for his place I won a competition for the position of assistant in the Academy ZBW. I decided to leave the family with his beloved Krakow and started research work in the Department ZBW on Reservoir Goczałkowicki. Pretty soon it turned out, I'm a real workaholic passionate..

Having lived in the area learned about nature, I watched and verify it on a regular basis of the available scientific research. Although she studied water in reservoirs, but at the same time he could see wider and wider its impact on the environment, so I was entering imperceptibly into the world of ecology.

At the age thirty-two years asthma began to govern my life, He threatened me oxygen tent and disability insurance - pulmonary clinic was powerless. Then, after 27 years of illness, feeling written off finally started to fight, As a biologist I decided to bring the body to a state of homeostasis (the balance). I imagine my surprise when, after two weeks of hard war with the organism began to breathe normally. Using natural therapies felt better and better, After two months of intense work eliminated asthma. I could not believe, a year just in case I carried drugs in her purse ... Many years passed until now the disease has not returned.

Spirit did not give a scientist but a win, I knew a lot, but I began to set itself new challenges. More and more questions to which the answers I was looking for .pozwalały I know the laws of the universe. After more than thirty years of studying biology, making this knowledge together, I am convinced, we do not need to get sick, and health largely depends on us.

In the 90s I split up with the state in becoming. a new path started from the US – Russian school of natural therapies, I graduated from the international certificate of degree hilera. Hungry for knowledge was interested in everything that had an impact on the human body. In this way, I am finishing courses in herbalism, Psychotherapy, anatomy, Physiology, Chinese medicine, radiestezji, bioenergoterapii, terapii polami magnetycznymi, Total Drama biology and many others.

IN 1992 r, I founded the Centre for Health Promotion ” HERBACELL “. As one of the first in Poland started to develop and promote treatment and regeneration of the body through nutrition at the cellular level. Leading cabinet, in the late 90s I created the program of detoxification and nutrition, which improves and strengthens the body's defenses activities. - The so-called. "Diet de-acidifying" In my practice I started using various natural methods of recovery , that allow you to regain harmony, vitality and well-being.

In the twenty-first century I stepped into the degree of Doctor of biological sciences in the field of biology, postgraduate studies in the field of dietetics, state exam in natural therapies and a master bioenergotherapy. I started to write a lot, participate in dozens of radio and television programs. conduct regular lectures, courses in nutrition, health promotion and naturopathy.

I love the people, I am an advocate of close cooperation between different scientific and therapeutic for the good of man.. For over twenty years working with doctors, diagnosing I choose the right natural therapy and proper nutrition – helping everyone back to health.

It has long been concerned not only health, but also study the structure of water, its reviving, and impact on the environment. IN 2003 he founded "AquaCell" .Currently as a scientific consultant company promotes reliable knowledge based on scientific research, about the dangers of the environment. Persistently helping make ersatz nature in the civilized world.

To date, we ran the 93 Copyright workshops cleansing – slimming combined with the rate of health promotion, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle (Korbelów, Vistula, Szczyrk, Przyłęków, Kocierz, Rabka Zdroj ).

For years, I am collaborating with magazines "Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & spa”, „Solarium & Fitness”, monthly 'Unknown World " , "Fashion for health" and "Dziennik Zachodni", "Mirror" . Many times I take part in radio and television programs related to health and nutrition topics (Polish Radio Three - "Dobronocka" Manual man, "Windy Radio" - Chicago, Polish Radio Katowice each give advice, School very evening, TVP1, Health Secrets,TVP 2 - Question breakfast, TVP Katowice, „Eko-Agent, TTV – "Over the counter" , TVP INFO "This Woman" TVN - DDTVN)

From 2008 I work as a lecturer in the School of Bielsko them Joseph Tyszkiewicz, conducting classes with topics: endoekologii man, health promotion, the principles of good nutrition.

For almost ten years with great pleasure and satisfaction I collaborate and co-create health empire with Angie (privately my daughter Agnieszka Pajak - publicist and promoter of healthy lifestyle). Together, we run many projects at home and abroad. M.in. campaign promoting 3G - GO GLUTEN FREE, GO SUGAR FREE, GO TRANS FAT FREE, zbudowałyśmy such tests as MIQ and GIQ, and have created a program and brand DGD (DrGrace Diet). We still have a lot of interesting and innovative projects, which will soon be completed. Our shared dream is to create the Ministry of Health and Sport, where everyone could regenerate body, mind and spirit, discovering its potential anew.

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