Ingredients are provided for 1l concentrate, which lasts for about a week for three people.

8 – 12 lemons (depending on how much they are juicy)

4 limes

glass of water (250 ml)

2 ginger roots (medium size)

2 spoons of sugar cane

2 tablespoons of xylitol birch


Everyone will find their own way, depending on the available devices in the home. We describe their own funds to prepare a potion, of course if you have it better patents – comments welcome.

1 liter bottle with stopper – we use the one with IKEA in price 5,99 zł

Thermomix or other device, that is able to grind ginger roots

1 funnel

1 Press potatoes – available in IKEA in price 39,99 zł

1 citrus – available free at IKEA in price 12,99 zł or at most supermarkets in the kitchen department


Lemon and lime wash and squeeze the hand. The juice was pour into the bottle using a funnel, so that took 3/4 bottles.

Sequentially pour sugar, and xylitol. If we want to eliminate sugar in general we can use the same xylitol.

Peel the ginger and cut into slices. Put to Thermomix'a or other mixer, We add the water and mix until slurry of ginger.

Now, with the coming Nam newspaper potatoes. We put an average of two tablespoons of ground ginger to the press and squeeze the juice into a container – we use it with a manual juicer but of course the dish does not matter.

Squeezed ginger juice, pour into a bottle. We close, Mix and ready. Concentrate keep in the refrigerator.

HOW consuming :

Depending on personal taste, pour about 1,5 cm concentrate glasses 350 ml pour carbonated water naturally lub structural water.

Mix and drink ! Bon Appetit !


  • deacidification body
  • increases resistance
  • improves digestion
  • eliminates joint and muscle pain
  • eliminates nausea, indigestion
  • prevent colds and flu
  • It reduces swelling and inflammation
  • eliminates inflammation in the body
  • adds energy
  • acts as an isotonic drink after a workout if you add a pinch of salt into a glass of Himalayan
  • improves blood circulation
  • accelerates fat burning and killing cellulite
  • eliminates flatulence, relaxant and przeciwbulowo
  • removes toxins from the liver


What to do with shavings of ginger ?

We pity because it was waste of ginger decided to use them for the production of domestic imbirówki. How to do it ?

An empty bottle hit the shavings left over from preparing potion. Pour 2-3 spoonfuls of xylitol birch, We pour pure spirit and leave to aging until it succeeds in. warning ! There is strong. To relieve the strain the tincture best coffee grounds or diluted. It works perfectly for nausea, Poisoning, hypothermia and all the winter – Christmas signs, that can get anyone.