Interviews Beata Pawłowicz

How not to develop cancer, how to recover despite bad diagnosis and how to avoid the recurrence ?

The conventional medicine does not know the answer. The cellular medicine claims that it is food that matters, so the appropriate nutrition of the organism cells. Their state is the health condition or a cause of many diseases.

Why a diet heals and is effective in over 90 percent of cases – explains dr. GRAŻYNA PAJĄK, dietician, natural therapist, endoecologist.

Beata Pawłowicz: In the case of cancer the conventional medicine is usually powerless. The diet in hospitals can be called only: light. I heard a doctor who advised a man with cancer: “Go to KFC and strengthen up before the chemotherapy”.

G.P. : More and more people with cancer problems come to my office because they are totally lost. In hospitals they learn that nutrition does not matter and they can eat everything. There are however those with similar problems who are in good form and they learn that food is an additional chance to recover.

So they come and ask what to do. They do not remember from the biology classes that nutrition is supplying the body with nutrients which are needed by every cell to function, work and regenerate. That is the basis of health because we are built of 80-100 billion of those living bricks. It is their state that decides about the state of health. Already in 1990 the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that the problems with health begin on the cellular level.

At the same time the comparative studies of the food from 1908 and 1978 showed that the number of nutrients diminished in those years by 40-70 percent. Why? We use fertilizers, herbicides and chemical substances in each phase of production, we fasten the process of fruit maturing, we preserve them and conduct extreme farming. It all makes us eat food that does not possess the essential values in proper quantities and proportions, they disturb the metabolic processes and the balance of the organism.

B.P. : Are our dishes so bad ?

G.P. : Oh, they are ! We cannot cheat the cells, but we can do it to the mind and that is why we don’t often buy good food. Bread, milk, cheese, meat, sweets, etc. resemble food of the 20th century only by the name. Can the real milk stay on a shelf for 6 months? No, but for a modern man it is a standard. Every year in food we consume 7-9 kg of cultivators, fillers, artificial colorants, flavour and odour additions, preservatives, sweeteners, etc. In EU the food includes about 170 tonnes of aroma. The effects are allergies, inflammations of stomach and intestines, hyperactivity, insomnia, pressure disorders, etc. The deficiency of the nutrients and the excess of toxins are the first steps to the immunity disorders and then to cancer. The conventional medicine wants to avoid and treat cancer on the organ level and you talk about the treatment on the cellular level.

Each organism is build of cells inside which occur all the processes, that is why the way they function decides about our health. Each cell must maintain a proper quantity of nutrients, because only then it has a chance to create energy on the membrane and function properly. A healthy cell has the medium potential of 120 milivolts, a rheumatoid cell has only 40 and a cancerous one – only 20. That is why so important is the valuable food not poisoned with chemical substances as well as the natural supplements filling the deficient, e.g. of omega-3. If the nutrition is so important, why in the hospital menu there are only canned meat, cookies, milk, etc.?

Everything is upside down. The doctors are not taught about the diets and they do not have time for that. The academic medicine still does not treat the nutrition as a part of therapy, despite the fact that the studies show that the immune system is strengthened when it is supported by the conscious and proper nutrition. I often work with people who are in the process of chemotherapy and it turns out that with the proper diet they endure it better, have better results and after years they are not affected by recurrences.  When we treat only with chemo, radiation and other academic methods and do not notice the nutrition, environment, stress neutralisation, we do not lead our bodies to the homeostasis (balance). We just remove the symptoms, but the cause remains so that is why it is difficult to fully recover. The chemo destroys the bacteria, viruses, fungi, it removes the causes of many disorders, but if we do not eat properly, the weakened body regenerates weakly.

B.P. : When we treat only with chemo, radiation and other academic methods and do not notice the nutrition, environment, stress neutralisation, we do not lead our bodies to the homeostasis.

So the cause of many illnesses, including cancer, is the poisoning and malnutrition of the cells ?

G.P. : Yes, cellular medicine is known for over a hundred years, it is just omitted. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, Ilja Miecznikow, a winner of the Nobel Prize, thought that the chronic diseases are caused by the disruption of the microbial flora of the digestive system and the digestive disorders come from the strong rotting processes and the secondary absorption of toxins. That is why the first step that I recommend to people with cancer is cleansing the body of the deposits from what is left after the metabolic processes, medicines and chemical substances from the environment.

Over the last 50 years, because of the common use of the antibiotics, steroids, hormones, preservatives, plant fats of the multiply pressing, wheat gluten, we let spreading of the leaky gut syndrome. It is caused also by the Candidy plague. This fungus damages the mucous tissue of the digestive system and the villi in the small intestine what increases the permeability of the intestine walls causing the diffusion of the food allergens and heavy metals to the bloodstream. When I completed my studies people said that a few percent of the population has problems with fungal diseases, today it is about 65 percent of people in the highly developed countries.

B.P. : In what way the leaky gut syndrome is responsible for the development of e.g. the lung cancer ?

G.P. : When the walls of the guts are leaky, the digested parts of food go into the bloodstream instead of the liver. And if in blood there are the foreign particles, for example the milk proteins, the organism produces antibodies that have to block them. In this way the immunological complexes are created and they are stored in the form of the deposits, e.g. in the joints, respiratory tracts, etc. When the organism builds the foreign particles into the cells, many times does not recognise them as its own and attacks them. In this way the self aggression begins, the organism destroys the cells of its own body. It is often the beginning of diseases such as the multiple sclerosis, hashimoto, ulcerative guts inflammation, psoriasis, inflammations and many more. It also causes the weakened immunity so opens the gates for cancer. In order to prevent it, the necessary is the diet that will lead the organism to balance, harmonise the metabolic processes of the cells. Since 1996 I have conducted cleansing-regenerating workshops and I see how the participants function differently already after a week. Health and good mood are possible thanks to the constant renewal of the organism. Every day we “change” about 1,5-2 kg of the body weight. This fast pace of restoration ensures us that each organism can be regenerated.

 B.P. : Where should we begin our fight for health ?

G.P. : The diet is adjusted individually, but each cleansing should begin with eliminating the harmful ingredients. Most of all we should get rid of the processed food including: sugars, wheat with a very harmful gluten, margarine, all the butter-like fats and universal oils. We must remember that the processed and hardened plant oil fasten the degenerative changes and the aging of cells. We should also get rid of the refined oils of multiply pressing. We do not use the sunflower, soya, corn and grape seeds oils because they contain excess of omega-6 acids that may cause the risk of inflammations, atherosclerosis, cancer and the neurological diseases. However the seemingly healthy rapeseed oil contains the harmful erucic acid.

B.P. : So which oils and fats should we eat ?

G.P. : Our grandmothers made oil e.g. by crashing the flax seeds in the mortar. Exactly the cold pressed oils are the most valuable for our bodies, especially because they contain the omega-3 acids which are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-cancer. Those fatty acids do not only inhibit the illness development, but are also the reason to remove the already existing disorders increasing the so-called cell immunity. The latest studies show that with a properly adjusted oils of the omega-3 group the chemotherapeutic means are more effective and they protect the healthy cells at the same time. Another source of the polyunsaturated fatty acid omega-3 are the cold-water fish and sea mammals as well as the oil, but that cold-pressed one. Also the milk fat is valuable when it comes to the regeneration of the cell membranes. The natural butter (despite its bad PR is necessary for the proper work of the brain) and clarified butter are the easiest digested animal fat.

B.P. : And what about eggs ?

G.P. : Only those from the happy hens – the country eggs in any form or those signed “0” or “1”. In a diet very important factor is the relation of omega-3 acids to omega-6. It should be 1:3 and long time ago the nature in a natural way controlled those proportions. The animals and plants living in a natural environment have much more omega-6 acids in their cells. For example, the eggs from the happy hens are a proportion 1:4, from the caged ones it is 1:19.

B.P. : And now for the dairy. The Chinese medicine does not recommend it accusing it to be the cause of inflammations.

G.P. : We should get rid of the dairy products with powdered milk, low-fat milk, imitations of the milk products, the processed or blue cheese. In the case of the cancerous problems we should use only the organic food, dairy is unfortunately not good for everyone. But when we choose it, I propose the products of the small companies, especially made of the milk of animals grazed on pastures. Sometimes we may eat the naturally soured milk, kefir and buttermilk with live intestinal bacteria, but always without addition of powdered milk, sugar and fruit. Sometimes we may add to a diet the home-made cheese made of the fermented milk.

B.P. : What about meat, vegetables and cereals ?

G.P. : We should get rid of the highly processed meat spams, sausages, pate, all the highly efficient cold meat, red meat.

Out of the animal products we can eat fresh fish (except for panga, butter fish, farmed salmon). Out of meat: ecological rabbits, chicken, turkey or a good venison. Necessary are also the legumes (except for soya), pickles but not so sour, without vinegar and sugar. Out of the cereals we can eat products from the full milling, groats (millet, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranthus, red and brown rice). The bread should be rye (without additions) or buckwheat, fermented, pasta made of the buckwheat or rice flour. The diet may be enriched by the non-musty walnuts, almonds, desiccated coconut, sprouted sunflower and radish.


The American Cancer Society indicates that the fish oil may help fighting malnutrition and accompanying cancer. According to the recent studies, adding fish oil to the diet may prevent weight and muscle loss which is common among people with cancer undergoing the chemotherapy.

B.P. : Diet like a revolution! Many people may ask what the lung or brain diseases have to do with intestines ?

G.P. : Everything that happens in our bodies depends on the functioning of our intestines. Their work decides about our immunity and what goes into the cells. The studies show that he higher number of lymphocytes is in the digestive system – especially in the small intestine. It is there that the immune system on the territory bigger than our body functions protecting us from many harmful substances coming from each meal. When digestion is abnormal, there are a lot of gases and rotting food remains in the intestine and they systematically disturb the process of absorption, overloading and weakening the immune system. Additionally, from the point of view of the quantum physics, no part of our body remains without any influence on the others, what happens in our intestines influences both lungs and brain. Already Hippocrates said: “We won’t understand what is disease if we don’t know what nutrition is”. I know that if we change diet we recover health…

B.P. : You have worked for more than ten years in PAN as a biologist. In what way has your interest in diet started ?

G.P. : For almost half of my life I have asthma. Since I was five I have had all possible kinds of inflammations of the higher respiratory tracts, constant cough and allergies. When I was in my early thirties I would end up in an oxygen tent and with the invalidity pension – the pneumatological clinic was powerless. And then, after 27 years of the illness, I finally started to fight, as a biologist I decided to bring my body to homeostasis. After two weeks of using natural therapies I felt better, after two months of intensive work I eliminated asthma. I couldn’t believe, for a year I still carried the medicines in my bag, just for case. Many years have passed since that day and my illness did not come back… The spirit of a scientist was fighting, I spent another years on complementing my knowledge. After 25 years I know that we don’t have to be ill, the health depends mostly on us.



August 11th, 2015