The modern life in the urban agglomerations is so far away from the nature that our body cannot accept it. Stress, lack of physical activity, small amount of drunk water, improper nourishment, growing number of fumes, electromagnetic smog and noise cause the decrease of efficiency, lack of vitality, mental and physical exhaustion leading to many disturbances and diseases.

Each living organism is made of cells. An average man has 80-100 billion of them. The state of the body depends on the proper performance of these smallest “living bricks”. In the 90s the WHO (World Health Organisation) approved the new theory of health and disease stating that each disease begins on the cell level. Health and welfare are kept by the continuous process of the body regeneration. All that disrupts it leads to the systematical destruction of cells, so the premature aging and diseases. The recent studies confirm that the more toxins we gave in our bodies, the harder it is to transmit information, transport nutrients and the cells are renewed much slower. There is a strict correlation between the quality and quantity of the drunk water and our health and energy.

The body is a system of precise chemical and biological reactions based on the extraordinary properties of water. In the human organism it has the role of a solvent, diluents and catalyst. It creates a system of transport, supply all the cells in the necessary nutrients and collects toxins. What is more, it is an ingredients of all the body fluids, is of a key importance to keep appropriate body temperature and additionally it is the information carrier, what has been forgotten over centuries.

The body of a newborn child is made up of 95% of water, the body of an adult of 75% and of the older people only of 65% – 50%. With age we have less water and energy, however there are more toxins and health problems. With lack of water in our cells the bad reactions grow. Unfortunately, the rules of nature are inevitable, for the proper metabolic processes we need a crystal clean, highly energetic water.

At the same time almost everyone drinks too little water. The modern civilization caused the mass access to liquids that do not always hydrate our bodies. The dark tea, coffee, beer, artificial juice, sweet colored drinks, processed milkshakes, ice-cream ad other “treats” usually dehydrate us instead of supplying our cells. Remember that blood is made up of 95% of water, liver of 80% and the brain of 75% so it is easy to imagine how hard our organs work in order to keep the homeostasis. Already with a small lack of water we may fell weak, anxious, have a headache, pressure pulses and constipations. The longer shortages of water disrupt the functioning of the nervous system, circulation, pancreas, kidney and liver performance as well as the skin problems. Only 2% of the water shortage in cells may cause the loss of 20% of the body energy.

For thousands of years water has had a central role in legends, myths and fairytales. Already the ancient people associated it with the magic and worshipped it as the cradle of life. For years the mystical rituals and celebrations were connected to purifying and transmitting vital energy and in many religions with baptism and initiation. Water was associated with magical significance, the places where it gushed were considered sacred. People believed that they contain energy and are perfect foundations for building temples.

20th century was dedicated to the study of chemistry. From school we know that water is the most precious substance, a chemical compound consisting of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen and a simple chemical formula H2O. Since the time when it was ripped of the mysticism we assimilated it with different substances that may be treated instrumentally. Perceiving it that way for years the specialists have begun to preserve it artificially, chemically and mechanically and to clean it using the newest technologies. As a result in the highly developed countries where there is seemingly plenty of water, we usually drink only water of low quality, chemically treated and energetically dead.

In the times of the current studies many world experts think that the 21st century will belong to the water physics, neglected until this day. The researches on biology and quantum physics from the last 20 years are a proof that everything continuously vibrates in the universe.

In the nature there is a constant communication of vibrations and the absorption takes place not only on the chemical, but also on the electrical level. According to the scientists, the human body does 570 billion of vibrations per second. At the same time any part of the body on the level of elementary particles (quantum) functions separately. The changes in the organism happen so soon because in one year we change over 90% of the whole matter.

The significance of changes in our body makes us believe that a man is not a constant massive structure at all, but a perfect chemical combine in which we can notice constant reactions controlled by the flowing information pattern. The physical and mental states depend on the processes of those reactions. At the same time only 25% of the body is a constant matter and 75% is water. On average, one particle of proteins falls on 10000 particles of water in a human body. The last years made the researchers realize that it is water that is the best carrier of information, a channel that lets the vital energy transmission in the exchange between the cells. Well, health depends on the harmonious energy processes in the body and its cycle depends on the quantity and quality of water. Each disharmony disrupts our functioning making us feel unwell, sometimes leading to diseases and pain.

Intuitively by appreciating water our ancestors kept it in the wonderful oval jugs, vases, amphorae made of the most precious materials and ceramics with a big quantity of silicon. In those times the water was extracted directly from a stream or a well. In the ancient Rome water was flowing in the long, curvy aqueducts made of wood and stone, which ensured its free flow, in Crete the waterworks were built out of the ceramic conical and appropriately combined segments which let preserve the primeval energy according to its origin.

Over time the canals and closure of the water in simple pipes, which were many kilometers long in a straight line, disrupted the natural structure and limited access of air. The studies conducted at university in Vienna showed that currently in the pipes under pressure (3-9 bars) 98% of all the households have energetically dead water. The information structures are destroyed, however the content of oxygen is much lower than in the natural environment.

Currently thanks to the sanitary controls the water in the water networks is hygienically clean, but it doesn’t mean that it is healthy. The water companies ensure that the drinking water does not contain higher amounts of toxins than it is acceptable. However it is not a guaranty of staying healthy and feeling well.

The growing air and food pollution diminishes the tolerance of the organism to the water contamination and it is the other way round. According to the research conducted by WHO, 80% of the modern civilization diseases is connected the quality of the drinking water.

For a long time boiling water is not enough and a necessity is the cleansing equipment, such as good carbon-ceramic filters, osmosis filters and distillers, etc. The water cleansed in this way is pure, but dead.

The scientific experiments showed that cleansed chemically contaminated water still emits the electromagnetic waves with length characteristic for the removed substances. It means that the water doesn’t contain the chlorine, cadmium, lead, aluminum, etc., but the vibration stays. It turns out that removing the mechanical and chemical pollution in the water is not enough – it was necessary to return its proper electromagnetic information of the “natural water”.

The proper “natural water” with an original structure is this that we meet in the icebergs, pure rivers, clean lakes. In the natural environment water is subjected to the magnetic field of the earth, solar radiation, moon. It flows through different rocks, dances with a wind, foams, rotates, falls. The constant movement and all the factors influence its renewal. Then water carries enormous amounts of energy and information which are passed down to all the living organisms. It can protect itself and, as the biologists say, it has its own immune system.

The works of many scientists from 20th century prove that water deprived of energy or poor synthetically does not contain any ordered structures. However water which is very valuable in terms of energy has a crystal, so-called hexagonal structure. After freezing it creates beautiful crystals (always based on a hexagon), which are condensed vertically creating characteristic groups looking like quartz crystals. The experiments showed that improper information written in water can be deleted using carefully selected parameters of ultrasounds, infrared, lasers or appropriate frequency of magnetic fields.

Such state can be achieved using the equipment that with the laws of nature restore the original structure of water. Those devices work based on a resonance – they renew water changing the polarity from positive to negative. They cause the growth of the oxygen dissolved in water, they intensify the reduction processes and profitably change the value of the pH coefficient.

As a result the cleansed and then nourished water from the network regain the properties of the spring water. In order to avoid the negative influence of the environment each person should drink about 0,3l/10kg of body weight of the high-grade energetically water. The perfect effects can be achieved also thanks to a shower and bath because the contact of the structural water with the skin enables transporting energy increasing the potential on the cell membranes.

The results of the researches conducted at universities are surprising, e.g. when taking a bath in a bathtub filled with normal water, the amount of toxins in the water diminishes – it means that we absorb them by skin, however when we bathe in water of the regained structure, there are more toxins in water because we release them from our bodies.

Similarly, the comparative analysis of the meridian using the bioresonance in the human body after drinking vitalized water indicated strong improvement of the functional status, after drinking the distilled water it decreased.

The results confirm that under the influence of the animated water there is a strong improvement of body functioning. By drinking the structural water regularly, we give the organism energy and nutrients, we supply cells, keep the acid-base equilibrium, we improve the enzyme functioning, regain the thermal balance of the body, increase removal of toxins. As a result we rebuild our immunity.

The experience showed support for treating skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis, mycosis, eczema, allergies…), acceleration of the wound healing process, improvement of digestive system work, intensification of the metabolic processes, regulation of glucose level and blood pressure, reducing symptoms of many civilization diseases with the improvement of the balance of the mental and physical condition.

Even if the importance of form, beauty and relaxation is known for centuries, in no other time in the history there was such a big need to improve the comfort of life and mood. The increased isolation from the natural environment, intensive work, faster pace of living must be balanced with an effective relaxation and a conscious rest. The fashion of wellness is a return to treating the organism in the holistic way.

Already 600 years ago the Belgian village Spa near the Ardennes sold the healing water using the sanus per aquam slogan (SPA) – the water thanks to water, underlining that water is a medicine and the best cosmetic.

The newest SPA of the 21st century are the facilities where the complex of well synchronized treatments can change our welfare completely after few days of rejuvenating the soul, bringing back the internal balance and vital energy. It is difficult to imagine such place without a high-energy water with miraculous therapeutic and cosmetic properties.

In the stationary and daily facilities, especially those that do not have the water sources, the vitalizing of the water is necessary because only then we can fully achieve the desired effects. Very quickly this water can give us strength, enable detoxification, improve the lymph circulation, increase the organism oxidation, diminish the symptoms of skin irritation and allergies. As a result it stimulates bioenergetically the hole body strengthening the influence of different therapies and natural treatments bringing the homeostasis state back. What is also interesting, it reduces the demand for soaps, shampoos and enhance the absorption of creams and balms with reduced usage.

Many years of studies prove that vitalizing the water in the pools enhances its cleansing by 50-70%, improves the oxygen transport, eliminates the anaerobic processes, enhances the decomposition of organic matter and intensifies the mineralization processes. It efficiently eliminates the chlorine from water, decreases its aggressiveness, does not permit development of bacteria, algae and fungi. The water  protected in this way lets limit the usage of at least 50% of cleaners and substances preserving water.

The devices restoring the water structure using the sophisticated natural laws cause not only the decrease of using the chemical substances in all the cleansing processes, but also they eliminate the calcium and rust deposits in the water pipes, heating and cooling devices. However the change of air ionization and limitation of the microflora in the air conditioning removes and prevents the unpleasant scents. The operational cost of the SPA facilities are diminished by 50% while using the “revitalized water”.

The places in which we are “close to nature” can provide the full complex renewal and metamorphosis of the organism, they are able to attract many satisfied clients ensuring full satisfaction and high profits to the owners.

Author: Dr Grażyna Pająk