Najnowsze badania naukowe potwierdzają stare prawdy, że czynnikami decydującym o zdrowiu człowieka są niezmiennie – umiejętność rozładowania stresu, styl życia i model odżywiania. The flourishing of science and technology accelerates, although the development of civilization, but it is still able to increase the adaptability of the organism. Therefore, changing lifestyle, causes disruption of biological rhythms, which has an impact on our health and well-being.

At the cell level

Civilization has introduced many changes in our environment, cutting us off faster and more efficiently than nature. The pace of these changes occurs exponentially. As a result, more and more is known, but in the information noise less we understand. The rapid development of lifestyle diseases has accelerated research on the immune system. The development of physics, quantum chemistry and cytology at least partially helped to understand the changes at the cellular level, explaining many of the processes occurring in living organisms.

Almost 16 years ago, The World Health Organization has identified, that every illness begins just at the cell level. From the proper operation of the least of these "living building blocks" depends on the state of our body. By eating meals very rarely do we think about eating our cells. However, it is the essence of supplying the body for the life of the substances.

Even the smallest morsel of food has an impact on the overall state of our body.

Already in the 60. prof. Julian Aleksandrowicz conscious of, that the genetic information contained in DNA code is the same as thousands of years ago, while lumber supplied with food does not always match the encoded parameters. So now the human body is built and rebuilt with material much worse than before. As a result, cells do not get the right material for biochemical. It's, if we put up the building by a great architect of the project, but instead they exploited for the construction of granite or sandstone clay. Building exterior will be similar, but much faster will deteriorate. And so it is with the body.


We eat, What we like

In our part of the world at any time of day or year, we have available to virtually every type of food, much more than our body needs it. We usually eat it, What we like, That's it, if we want to. We are used to the convenience. Stare, good habits passed on by ancestors of the sometimes blurred. Today, we eat too much over-processed foods, konserwowanych, Artificially, often heated in microwave ovens. In addition, we eat in excess white bread, soybeans, słodycze, salt and fat.

For proper nutrition needed: protein, fat, carbohydrates, Vitamins, minerals, fiber and clean, Structural water. If even one of these essential nutrients of life is omitted, it is not enough or is of poor quality, is weakened use of other nutrients.

No single amino acid or one vitamin may impair protein synthesis, and thereby interfere with the metabolism of the cells. The result can be a reduction of mental capacity, bad mood, skin problems. IN 1985 the Committee on Nutrition at the WHO established for highly developed countries the average nutritional standards. Already 6 Years later turned out to be, that due to the increasingly more perfect processing of food products lacking in the food of about 40% mikro- and macronutrients. After twenty years, the situation is even worsened, as a result of our body experiencing shortages in food, unconsciously compensates them the most desire to "fillers" - sweets,chips and spicy snacks. In this situation qualitative suppressing hunger, further disturbs the balance, often we gain weight and ruining our metabolism.


The skin condition strictly depends on the condition of the liver, operation of the gastrointestinal tract, indirectly the circulatory system, respiratory and immune. Without a conscious change in diet, no "miracle method" will not help We eliminate skin problems.


Latent disorder

Now, with the food we eat 4-7 kg of various types of toxins per year. Single supplements are often not harmful, However, their overlapping activity in the scientific world stirs controversy. With the huge pollution different chemical compounds, every, nawet niewielka ilość toksyn dostarczona do organizmu pełni rolę stresora. The result is a so-called. "Subclinical poisoning", that is, various latent disturbances in the body work, where it is very difficult to link the effects of poison data disease symptoms. The result is often allergic reactions in a rash in the skin inflammation, stomach bad bowel movements in asthma attacks in hyperactivity in insomnia in pressure fluctuations, etc..

These disorders make it difficult to re-absorption of vitamins, macro-, microelements, and undigested foods become the next toxins, which penetrate into the blood and irritate the immune system. Unfortunately, malnutrition and systematic quality overloading the immune system is the main cause of lifestyle diseases plaguing us.


Changes in nutrition

Changing eating habits is a serious challenge to civilization. Excess protein, processed fat and refined sugar effectively disrupts the hormonal balance, The workload of the kidneys, liver liver, digestive tract. Rotting and surging in the gut protein increases the amount of free radicals, It causes a deficiency of B vitamins and antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C, E. A large number of industrially derived refined margarines and fats is still a novelty for our body. At no other time they have not used such a quantity of processed vegetable oils as they are now. However, unsaturated fatty acids - readily responding to treatment of industrial converted to the so-called. kwasy tłuszczowe trans, which negatively affect the structure of cell membranes, tightness of the gut and the fat content in the blood.

Civilized man eats on average 50 kg of sugar per year, addition products of the purified white flour and rice. In this intake refined carbohydrates there is a significant body acidity, co przyspiesza pracę nerek, przyczyniając się do ucieczki z moczem wapnia, fosforu, iron and zinc. Poziom cukru we krwi ma wpływ na wydzielanie hormonów, and thus the appearance of our skin.

Processed carbohydrates - chocolate, batoniki, cukierki, ciasteczka. Overcooked pasta, białe bułeczki itd. podnoszą poziom glukozy we krwi, wzmagając wydzielanie insuliny. In turn, insulin secreted steadily increasing testosterone, which accelerates the sebaceous glands, facilitating the formation of pimples. Therefore, people struggling with acne, spotty, oily skin must be avoided sweets.


Allergic reactions

Excessive stress weakens the immune system and often "reading misbehaving" starts to produce antibodies not only against toxic substances, but also against individual components of food. Such products should be food containing chemical additives, foods most commonly eaten or digested worst. If the wrong food reaches the small intestine leaky, during digestion of the ingredients get into the blood, wherein the communicating with the respective antibodies form a so-called. immune complexes. These structures can be deposited throughout the body, therefore the joints, bronchi, bays, blood vessels, stomach and intestines, causing the release of histamine and inflammation.

Very often, seeing a particular symptom of a disease we do not associate it with a hidden allergic reaction, that to make matters worse there is often a delay of several days. In this way strained immune system begins to fight undesirable food ingredients fueling the vicious circle of lifestyle diseases including persistent skin problems.

The skin condition strictly depends on the condition of the liver, operation of the gastrointestinal tract, indirectly circulatory system, respiratory and immune. No metabolic disease does not appear overnight. For years, the body sends warning signals, Also on the skin, which is often not able to properly read, or ignore them.


Therefore, you must carefully analyze all the symptoms of allergies on skin, as pruritus, dryness, wypryski, because they can be a signal of serious systemic changes caused by poor diet. Without a conscious change in diet, no "miracle method" does not help us in eliminating skin problems,. At least temporarily avoiding any highly processed foods, sweet milk, milk powder, cheese, excess fat meats and meat, Yeast contained in pastries, gluten in white flour, sweets, Chocolate, self, ketchup, soluble coffee, creamer powder, ready-made fruit juices, sodas and many other processed foods can reduce the ballast in our intestines. Systematically cleansing the body, improving the metabolic processes, We can undo the causes of various diseases, including skin diseases.


Natural foods

Listening to conflicting opinions on the health risks, watching intrusive ads and reading various dietary recommendations, completely we get lost in their views on the principles of nutrition. The latest research shows, that people receive in subsequent generations a perfect state of physical and mental health only, when you consume nutrient-rich natural food.


  • Experts unanimously say, that more than half of the meals should consist of carbohydrate-containing natural products, that are not only easily assimilated, but also better tolerated. Thanks to them properly functioning metabolism.
  • The diet should not be lacking dark bread, Germ, cereal seed, flakes, groats including millet, buckwheat, poppingu, brown rice, various legumes except soybean. Vegetables should eat both fresh in salads, cooked in soups, or lightly steamed. Also preferred are natural juices of vegetables.
  • Fruit should be chewed rather than taken as beverages. In the diet should incorporate silage and fermented vegetable sprouts, Grain, nuts. With protein it is recommended that dairy products from healthy animals grazing on pasture, and fermented yoghurts, sour milk, White cheese, butter, cream and organic eggs. In addition, meat from natural breeding, fishes and seafood.
  • Fats are found in nature with the product containing protein and carbohydrates. The diet should use only natural fats, including fresh, best Clarified butter, cold-pressed oils from olives, Flax, dyni, sometimes sesame oil, rape. Supplements should only be natural, that is unrefined sea salt and various herbs. White sugar and sweeteners with aspartame should replace honey, dark sugar, molasses. It is important to maintain the appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • It is also necessary, a corresponding amount of pure, lively water, which effectively helps to detoxify, oxygenation and nutrition of the body. With the notorious errors in addition to dietary changes in eating habits salvation for our cells are natural nutritional products, organic origin, which increase the pool of essential nutrients. When selecting supplements should be remembered, that the human body is only suitable for the combined use of nutrients. The advantage of this diet is to unlock the mechanism of absorption, so that the food can be fully utilized, a toxin expelled.


Feeling well begin to understand and appreciate the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Our body knows, what is the best for him. It's just we lost the instinct for self-preservation and not pay attention to his call.

Autor : Dr Grażyna Pająk


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