AUTHOR'S NUTRITION PROGRAM In anticancer therapy – paper version

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prostokat_okladkaDIET DGD (DrGraceDiet) – deacidification, cleanses, regenerates, harmonizes and restores the proper operation of the whole organism.

Is based on products ecological, Unprocessed, unmodified most natural.

Proper use of the entire program provides the body in proper proportions with all the necessary nutrients in a natural form, based on herbs and extracts from various plants, enabling supply of each individual cell with all the necessary nutrients it needs.

Advantage Own program DGD It is to unlock the mechanisms of absorption. thus eaten the food can be fully utilized, a toxin expelled.

This increases the energy our cells, which again easily absorb nutrients, easily remove toxins, They produce even more energy, causing, that the whole body is functioning much better, effectively eliminating the causes of cancer cells, and many disturbances in the body.


Feeling well only then begin to understand and love the principle of a healthy lifestyle.


It is worth remembering, that in every person, regardless of age and health, you can choose a proper diet, enriched with natural supplementation and set the appropriate treatment so that the body day after day to function better, gradually eliminating the causes of disease.

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The material was presented for the first time during the workshop II FORUM psychooncology in Zagan 28-29 MAY 2016.

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